The Mask I Wear.

See, I wear the mask of the clown

as hunger’s icy claws create a chilling scene

wallpapered over by a bubblegum and popcorn flat screen

while truth and justice in a sea of illusion drown.

As greed and wealth wear the emperor’s crown

I see poverty‘s yoke drive the labouring crowd

always their path in repression’s cloud

a macabre vision from village to town.

Hope a distant flickering flame

While justice is a moment on a TV screen

but in their lives, is rare and lean

a mere vacuous character in a cruel game.

Still I wear the mask of the clown

even as the rewards of my labouring skills

are nothing more than brightly coloured happiness pills

beads and bobbles to appease my menacing frown.

Time to cast off the mask, show my face

let my desires rise, my hopes expand

righteous anger wash illusions from our land

see justice and freedom in their rightful place

with the people hand in hand.