Poetry 7

The Way of Slaves

Politicians living a life of opulence

paid for by other men’s dreams,

add to the lexicon of humanity’s suffering

weaving their selfish grandiose schemes.

Abusing privileges, grasping at wealth

egos blown like a hot air balloon,

preaching our poverty will bring

prosperity for all———-soon.

We tighten our belt another notch

accepting a beggarly slice of the cake,

while they bask in a cherry orchard

surrounded by a fine wine lake.

Pouring words, grand posturing,

as they unveil their latest plan,

assuring they live in luxury

while we struggle as best we can.

Poverty’s the price for allowing

others to plan our days,

when will we finally grasp

this is the way of slaves.

Let’s Make That Stand

Come rise with me

here, take my hand

it’s time my brothers

to make that stand,/p>

we’ve bought this world/p>

with blood and tears

shed by our kin

through countless years.

Put an end to war

it’s time for peace

man killing man

has to cease.

No more poverty

in a sea of wealth

all men equal

in a new commonwealth.

Let’s never again kneel

let’s stand up tall

claim what’s ours

justice for all.


No time to theorise the market economy

no time to mark out the nations boundary

injustice is now.

No time to measure the moon with a measuring tape

no time to catalogue the deeds of the great

injustice is now.

No time to worship purloined power

no time to kneel at the ivory tower

hunger is now.

No time to let illusions swamp the mind

no time to be lead like a host of blind

hunger is now.

It’s time to cast your silence to the ground

it’s time to use actions your anger found

freedom can be now.

It’s time to hold fast to your heart’s dictate

it’s time to rise in anger against the state

freedom can be now.

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